Armitage Shanks design drawing

Excellence Through Bathroom Design

We’re committed to design - it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Good design is life enhancing and brings a smile to the face with each encounter.

We collaborate with Europe’s exceptional award winning designers, skilled practitioners in form and functionality.

We harness their creativity and ingenuity to create beautiful and innovative signature design, keeping us at the forefront of contemporary style.

We continually evaluate materials and processes. In fact, many advances in bathroom technology began life on our desktops and drawing boards.

Quality Bathroom and Sanitary Ware Products

Because we manufacture our own products, we can also apply our own exacting standards, engineered to produce products which sing out quality. The kind of quality you want to own and use. These are products you can have confidence in, beautiful to look at, designed to perform, engineered to exacting standards, and built to last.