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Hospital Bathroom & Sanitary Ware

Nearly 50 years of providing sanitary healthcare products

Healthcare solutions have always been a focus. Choosing sanitary ware and fittings for hospital use can literally be a life or death decision and is a responsible decision to make. The need to deliver water and remove waste efficiently, reduce cross infection and cater for the physical limitations of patients demands a lot from every sanitary installation.

Armitage Shanks has been at the forefront of sanitary healthcare product development for almost 50 years. A long history of working closely with architects, contractors and government agencies (the Department of Health) in order to generate the functional requirements of Hospital Sanitary ware.

As a result, we have designed and refined products specific to the healthcare market, in a range of applications and in line with health care standards. Most notably the Contour range, a stylish extensive product range with excellent hygiene properties due to its smooth organic shape and functionality.

With an ever-increasing focus on preventing infection, hygiene has never been more important than in the water supply where common bacteria like Pseudomonas and Legionella can be found. The range of Markwik21 taps and mixers has continually evolved to respond to market demands and offers the most comprehensive range of disinfection regimes fight bacterial infection.

Moreover, as part of our Total Disinfection Control program the water used to test our fittings is continuously monitored and independently verified to ensure products leaving our manufacturing facilities are infections’ free.

The resurgent problem of cross-infection in hospitals has the attention of the media, patients and of course the Hospital Trusts themselves. However the new hospital ‘super-bugs’ and bacteria are not defeated by good product design alone, the fight against them must be built into the overall execution of the hospital Sanitary facility. Statistics say that one out of ten patients will acquire an infection while in hospital. HFN 30 outlines methods to reduce the spread of infection at the planning stage and when combined with the experience of Armitage Shanks can give the architect a critical edge in a critical battle.