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Hotel Bathroom & Sanitary Ware

Providing excellent quality & design washroom products for guests

It's an unconscious routine that happens when a guest walks into a hotel room; drop the bags, check the view, inspect the bathroom. Today's guest demands a lot from their en-suite, they expect to be impressed, they hope to be intrigued. And they want to have nothing like it at home.

Armitage Shanks' hotel sanitaryware and fittings balance style with ease of cleaning and performance with durability. As beautiful as they are practical, water efficiency, regulatory compliance and easy maintenance are designed into every one.

Guests expect to be impressed and inspired by their room’s en-suite. The hotelier, however, must look beyond aesthetics, balancing style with ease of cleaning and maintenance, performance with durability, and ergonomics with water saving, particularly in washrooms. We achieve this balance consistently and without compromise.