Retail & Mall Bathroom & Sanitary Ware

Providing effective washroom products for retail, shopping & resturant facilities

For almost 200 years Armitage Shanks has invested in design and production facilities throughout UK and Europe.

The growth in building for leisure activity in the MENA area is huge; from the retail outlet to a shopping mall, from a cafeteria to a restaurant. A key element of the successful business is the environment itself. Does the area reflect the values of the brand? Do the malls communicate clearly with its target consumer? Do the washrooms in either of them reinforce their message? The bathroom area clearly reflects the target group and the positioning of the building.

Whatever the requirements and specifications, Armitage Shanks can provide aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain & water saving washrooms to meet the demand. Armitage Shanks’ designers have developed a collection of water efficient products that will raise a leisure building above the ordinary and add value to any customer’s experience. Their elegance seamlessly encompasses an intrinsic durability to withstand high volume transient use.