Prison Bathroom Solutions

Providing effective tamper proof & anti-vandal bathroom products

While the modern prison seeks to educate and rehabilitate, it must still provide a safe environment for its inmates and those who work within it.

Fixtures and fittings that are harmless outside the prison’s walls can easily become weapons once inside them.

Armitage Shanks has worked closely with prison authorities to develop bathroom products suitable for prison use.

Hard to damage materials such as stainless steel have been combined with tamper proof anti-vandal components to create safe products that complement prison security measures.

The Armitage Shanks Prisons range encompasses WC pans, basins, urinals and accessories. Every product is made to the highest standards and is carefully engineered to withstand the hardest of treatment. As a result, Armitage Shanks can be specified and installed with confidence.

Armitage Shanks stainless steel products are designed, tested and manufactured in UK and provide an aesthetically pleasing and robust finish that is more than institutionalised stainless steel bathroom installations.