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Sports & Stadiums Bathroom & Sanitary Ware

Providing effective washroom products for sports & leisure facilities

For almost 200 years Armitage Shanks has invested in design and production facilities throughout UK and Europe.

The last decade has seen an unprecedented growth in sports and leisure activities in the MENA region, in order to host world scale sport event. The scope of buildings designed to cater for this growth is vast; from international sports stadia to nationwide health and fitness clubs, from 4 and 5 start hotels to malls and restaurants to host the increasing number of visitors during a sport event.

Good washroom facilities for sport fans and participants are now an expectation at all venues. Armitage Shanks realise that whatever the size of the venue, from large National Stadia to cost effective washrooms at local sports clubs, the need for low maintenance and low water usage washrooms is vital, following local norms and requirements and in accordance to local specifications (Estidama, Leed, etc.).

Our advanced products are designed for heavy demands whilst minimising water wastage that can occur in public washrooms.

Armitage Shanks range of anti-vandal stainless steel sanitary ware and accessories help to provide aesthetically pleasing and safety assuring bathroom applications. The products are uniquely engineered to withstand the hardest of treatment. Armitage Shanks ranges provide the perfect solution for bathrooms within sports stadiums where there is a high threat of misuse or potential damage.