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Residential Home Bathroom & Sanitary Ware

Providing quality & uniquely stylish washroom products for the home

Today’s bathroom has moved from being purely functional to a room in which you can express yourself. A dynamic hub in the morning for the family to invigorate themselves in for the day ahead. A sanctuary in the evening for relaxation and recharging the batteries!

Armitage Shanks develops products that are made to last while offering the utmost in satisfaction – all in a very appealing design. Launching the new ranges of Armitage Shanks you will see diversity, elegance, sensuality and pure freshness any time of the day.

For every washroom there is an Armitage Shank product that has been designed to meet its needs. Because every piece has been developed with the aesthetics, performance, durability and water saving demands of the end user in mind, many Armitage Shank products can be used across several different bathrooms. This flexibility allows everyone to mix and match styles to create unique bathrooms.